I use papers that are recycled from Certified Sustainable Production Systems. The inks I use are vegetable based (soy) and emit low traces of volatile organic compounds. I do not use petroleum-based inks which emit a greater amount of these VOC's.  The end result is a very friendly eco footprint with lovely rich colors. Soy-based inks also make it easier to recycle the paper. The soy-based ink does take a bit longer to dry, but then again, you cannot hurry prettiness.


The only packaging I purchase to wrap your invitations is bubblewrap and cello bags. Everything else I use is recycled. I try to be as responsible to the environment as possible. It might not be the prettiest way to package your invitations, but you can be assured they are packaged in a safe and waterproof manner.

Any overages I have of paper and printing overruns are donated to the art department in my son's school.