Printing Methods


100% of my wedding invitations are printed on a Heidelberg printing press. Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the design is transferred (or "off-set") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Off-set printing is often called offset lithography. My cards use real printing inks and not toners which is what digital printing uses. Real inks set into the paper deeper and richer, they are not shiney like digital printing can be. 

And because my designs are based on the 1800's - 1930's, I print them in the way they were printed during that time. Therefore, your invitations really will have that high quality, vintage feel to them.

If you have a specific color palette for your wedding, you are welcome to email me digital swatches or photographs to help me best match my invitations to your colors. I don't have a specific "list" of colors I use. The sky is the limit-- it's more fun that way!


This is truly a lovely way of printing. I can do letterpress printing, but honestly, most of my designs are very intricate, have lots of color, and the graphics are not suitable for letterpress. If you love letterpress, then look at my designs that have perhaps 2-3 colors and simpler graphics. We can discuss further if you like. But because I am a color addict, the majority of my designs are just too complicated for this method.